Endowment Fund

A Legacy for the Future

What is an Endowment?
       An Endowment is a permanent, self-sustaining source of funding.  The concept is to create a legacy gift that will provide for a forever ministry.  The Endowment Fund is an investment in our future.
       Effective May 4, 2015, the Faith UMC Church Council adopted a resolution stating that all future gifts received will be reflected as reductions to the outstanding Church acquisition loan balance as long as such loan balance exists.

How can I make a Gift to the Endowment Fund?
      You can make a gift anytime during your lifetime or you can designate  “Faith United Methodist Church of Orland Park” to receive a gift in your will, trust agreement or beneficiary designation.  If you wish, you can designate that your gift be used to support a specific church need.  
       A gift to our Endowment is a wonderful way for you or your loved ones to be remembered.  Undesignated gifts to the Church of $1000 or greater will be reviewed by our Church Council and distribution will be determined based upon need at the time gift is received.
       Perhaps the easiest and most common way of making a planned gift is through your Will or Trust.  Simply include a provision that describes your gift.  Gifts of all sizes are important and welcomed.
       One of the many blessings of Faith UMC is the dedicated support from its congregation.  Perhaps the greatest reward of giving to the Endowment Fund is the knowledge that your gift will continue to assist the ministry and mission at Faith as it proclaims the good news of Jesus Christ.

Why make a Gift to the Endowment Fund?
       Reaching out and extending blessings beyond our own lives is an intrinsic part of Christian sharing.  If our church has played a vital role in your life in times of – joy or difficulty – you can help to continue its vital ministry and mission.  Your gifts to the Church, both now and after your lifetime, can make our Church home stronger for the needs of generations to come.
       For a brief time God gives us time, energy and resources.  What we do with these gifts ultimately defines the character of our life and depth of our spirit.

        If you have questions about planned giving, please contact an Endowment Committee member or one of our pastors.  You should also consider discussing your planned gift to the  Church with trusted family members or friends, and your attorney or estate planner.