Faith United Methodist Church

of Orland Park

“Fall Back To Church”

It’s always good to go back home – to the place where you grew up. It’s good to be among people who know your name, watched you grow, and loved you along the way. There’s nothing quite like it.. going home.

At Faith United Methodist Church, we believe that God is waiting for us all to come home. No matter who we are, whether we’ve been a part of a church for many seasons (or none), God who created us, knows us, and loves us.

Of course, coming home to God is not simply attending a worship service or joining a church. Churches do not take the place of God. However, churches can play a significant role in this journey. Assisting others in this journey, as we proceed along this journey ourselves.. this is our mission – our hope – our calling.

Faith is a congregation with roots in three local congregations. These congregations (from Midlothian, Oak Forest, and Orland Park) gave up their former names and buildings to become a church that can continue the mission of Jesus Christ – serving as His hands and feet in the world.


We’re a United Methodist Church. Theologically speaking, this means that we are open to differences. We agree on the core principles of Jesus Christ – his identity, teachings, and resurrection. At the same time, we agree to disagree on some issues that are divisive among many Christians and denominations. Practically speaking, being United Methodist means that we are committed to action. We’re committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ (by words and actions). We recognize that we are God’s hands and feet – called to alleviate suffering and positively impact lives in our local community and larger world.


If you’re searching for a church family or want to learn more about how a church can be of service for your faith journey, come visit us. We’re located in the southwest suburbs of Chicago (15101 S. 80th Ave., Orland Park, IL). We have a wide range of groups and activities that you can check out on our calendar. 

ALL persons (ages 2+, both vaccinated & unvaccinated) are asked to wear facemasks in the church, practice social distancing, and register (either through pre-registration or upon entry) for church services and gatherings.  To see the latest Safety Guidelines, click HERE.


Thanks for visiting our website. We hope it’s informative and helpful for you as you take new steps of faith.


Pastor Caleb Hong