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Pastoral Emergency Fund

Objective: Provide monetary assistance to our neighbors in need.

Background: Faith currently has a designated fund that provides bill assistance and gift cards to our neighbors who express need. Foreseeing the economic repercussions for our neighbors who receive hourly wages and are unable to work for two weeks, we are anticipating a significant increase in assistance requests. By donating to the Pastoral Emergency Fund your resources will be used by Faith’s pastors to assist with bill payments and gift card assistance.


How to help: You can donate to the Pastoral Emergency Fund by mailing a check to

Faith United Methodist Church

15101 S. 80th Ave.

Orland Park, IL 60462


Please make checks payable to Faith United Methodist Church. In the memo line of the check write Pastoral Emergency Fund for your donation to be used towards bill assistance. Or, in the memo line of the check write Pastoral Emergency Fund- Gift Cards if you would like for your donation to be used to purchase gift cards for assistance.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Pastor Caitlyn at or 815-474-3136 (cell).


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Faith’s Micro Pantry


The Mission Committee, along with the Pastors, have been trying to think of ways our congregation can serve each other during this health crisis we're facing. One thing we have decided to do is place a large bin outside the church to encourage people to donate nonperishable food for those who need it, and for people to drop by to take food if they need it. The recipients of the food will be on the honor system so please take only what you need. If you drop off food donations and the bin is full, please leave your donation behind the bin. Someone will come by daily to check to make sure the food is stored in the church until it can fit in the bin.

March 27, 2020
Thank you to everyone who filled the micro-pantry bin over the past week.  The 1 collection bin has multiplied into 5 bins!  To see pictures, check out
Faith's Facebook page.  We are finding new outlets to share the news of our micro-pantry so please continue to help us stock the pantry and spread the word. 
Contact: Genie Lang (

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Phone a Faith Friend

Objective: To facilitate contact with other friends & family of Faith UMC and support one another while worship services and programming are suspended.

Responsibilities: Call (or send a card). Specific names (3-10) will be assigned. Contact at least 1x a week.

Contact: Sandy Ward @ to volunteer for this easy but vital ministry to help us feel connected.

April 3, 2020

We have a team of 23 callers (and growing), whose mission is to reach out to friends and family of Faith UMC and offer support while worship services and programs are suspended. 

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Grocery Gophers 

Out of food? Need medicine? Stockpile of TP (toilet paper) exhausted?  Down to less than 20 rolls?  Who ya gonna call?  GROCERY GOPHERS!  Phone or text your requirement to the gopher coordinator, Dale Carver @ He’ll put you in touch with one of our volunteers.  Details for each delivery are worked out on a call-by-call basis. 


March 27, 2020

We have a team of 5 "gophers" and the deliveries have begun.  

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