Stewardship Maintain Faith Update
April 4, 2021

The Stewardship Committee would like to thank all of our members for their past and continued support of Maintain Faith.  A few years ago our Trustees noted a concern that a few major capital expenses may be coming up in the near future.  We decided at that time to reach out to the congregation to start a Maintain Faith account to be used to cover these expenses.  We were hoping to build up enough capital in this account so that we wouldn’t have to borrow funds or hold several Capital Campaigns to cover these costs.  As of now, we have been able to use those funds in 2019 to pay  $120, 789.50 for rooftop HVAC units, $92,410 for sanctuary lighting, and $10,750 for parking lot repairs. Last year we used $10,210.04 to replace our fire alarm system.  As you can see, your funds have been well spent.  There are still projects that will come up, so we need your continued support.   If all of our members were to contribute just $25/mo to Maintain Faith, we could add $50k/year to our fund.  That will go along way to helping us maintain our beautiful building

7 Reasons To Choose eGiving


1) It Makes Giving Easy eGiving makes it simple for you to give exactly how and when you want. You can make a one-time donation or set up recurring gifts right from your computer, tablet, or phone 

2) It’s Safe & Secure You never have to worry about your donation making it to the church account. Unlike checks or cash, which can be misplaced, eGiving gifts go directly to our account. Our payment solutions provider ensures your personal information remains secure.

3) No Cash, No Checks, No Problem Never worry about forgetting your cash or checkbook. You can even make donations right from your phone. You can set up recurring gifts, even when you can’t make a church service.

4) You Can Choose Where A Particular Gift Goes Our church uses donations to fund everything from mission trips to building maintenance. As you know, currently our church envelopes allow you to designate funds for General Fund, Maintain Faith or other. You can use eGiving to direct a special gift to areas you wish to support, in addition to our General Fund and Maintain Faith.

5) It Gives Our Church Stability Your donations support our mission, operations, and many ministries. By setting up a recurring donation on- line, you enable us to maintain financial stability and plan for our future.

6) You Can Give On The Go With e-Giving, you don’t have to physically be at the church to give.

7) You Can Easily Track Your Giving History From your e-giving account, you can view past donations, update bank account or credit and debit card information, and set up recurring gifts or adjust existing ones.

Greg Bradach, Stewardship chairman

Some members who currently use eGiving:

Darren Massey, Randy Chapple