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Reopening Safety Guidelines

We have made some changes & they are eliminate taking temperatures to enter church, resume regular numbers allowed in bathrooms, allow congregation to recite the Lord’s Prayer orally, allow congregation to exit sanctuary using social distancing without dismissal by an usher (would allow use of north sanctuary door to exit to hallway). There will be more changes when IL reaches Phase 5 (50% of residents 16 and older have been vaccinated and stable or declining COVID-19 metrics are recorded during a 28-day monitoring period).

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Guidelines for Closing Faith UMC

The church is being proactive and has developed a closing plan to keep the congregation safe in the event of a spike in the COVID-19 pandemic in Illinois.  The plan will follow guidelines and benchmarks established by the State Of IL . 
The Church Council approved the following Guidelines at its Nov. 4, 2020 meeting.

Church Usage Policy Exempt Form


Last year we adopted a new Church Usage Policy which has a few evenings out of the week allotted for children and youth programs to follow along with our Church Strategic Goals. These evenings are Sunday from 4:45 - 7:30 pm, Tuesday and Friday from 5:30 - 7:45 pm. We wanted to remind people that there are days that we do not have programming and we have a "Church Usage Exemption Form" you can fill out if your group is wanting to meet on one of those days. You will want to look on the church calendar in room 4 to see if there is anything scheduled. Please do not write anything on this master calendar. If nothing is on the schedule, pick up an Exemption Form outside of room 4 and submit it to Sandy Ward. It will be reviewed by the team and an answer will be given to you in a timely fashion. If you have any questions on how this works, you can see Sandy Ward, Pastor Caitlyn, Kim Clifton or Ed Bayles.

All groups must be out of the building 15 minutes before any children or youth program begins. No adult group can meet during these times. (All outside and any church groups). 

All outside groups must sign and submit a form to the Program Coordinator clearly  stating beginning and end times of meeting or event. 

This will be in effect from Labor Day through Memorial Day. During the summer: Memorial Day through Labor Day use of facilities will be available on a first come first served basis. (This means if a children or youth program is scheduled, no adult program or activity can be scheduled at that time. Vise-versa: If an adult program is scheduled, no children or youth activity will be scheduled at that time). 

Exceptions to this policy: Election Day, Quilters Guild, and VBS. Future programs may request an exception by completing a Building Usage Exception Form and submitting this form to the Safety Task Force chairperson. It will be reviewed by the Program Coordinator, Athletic Chairperson, Children’s Director, and Associate Pastor/Youth Director. If the program receives unanimous support, it will be approved. Programs that receive exceptions will be reviewed annually when these procedures are reviewed. 

Contact: Amanda Steenvoorden, Chair Safety Task Force ( or
Sandy Ward (

Nut Free Policy