Construction Zone Ahead

Construction Zone Ahead Normally, I try to avoid LaGrange Road like at all costs, but when my dad comes to visit I find myself in the middle of an construction induced traffic jam for the simplicity that staying on a single street provides to an unfamiliar driver.

As I griped on to anything I could reach while my dad drove this past week, I began to reflect on how anxiety producing a road under construction can be. Last Sunday, Pastor Caleb preached about how we are all works in progress. We are all construction zones waiting to be completed. Sometimes this means our lives become messy, complicated, and something we would like to avoid. Yet, it also means there is something more to come.

Entering into a construction zone may not be our favorite activity, but it also promises that work is being done so the road may be perfected later. When we feel exhausted and stressed about the condition we appear to be in, we also know that we are a work in progress. God is still working in and through us. We will make it through the construction zone and a completed road lays ahead.

~Pastor Caitlyn~

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