The Way of Humility

The Way of Humility I hope y'all have been blessed by our Lenten small group series, "Set Apart." For this week's devotion, I chose an except from Jessica LaGrone's writing that struck me earlier in the week.

"If we want to become humble like Christ, we must follow the example of his servanthood. When Jesus took on 'the very nature of a servant' (Philippians 2:7), he didn't do so in name only. He performed jobs that others considered beneath them. He put others' needs before his own image or comfort. He washed the feet of his friends, he sat at tables with sinners, he stopped to listen to children, he touched people who had been isolated (and avoided) at all costs. He did not throw around his royal status, but set it aside to show love to the least among us.

Jesus practiced humility as a way of life. It was his nature, his character. He humbly gave of himself to heal, minister, encourage, teach, and ultimately to save. We don't have to wait for mission trips to serve. We can serve the interests of others every day." - Jessica LaGrone, Set Apart, p125.

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