Psalm 79:8-9 Don’t remember the iniquities of past generations; let your compassion hurry to meet us because we’ve been brought so low. God of our salvation, help us for the glory of your name! Deliver us and cover our sins for the sake of your name!

In the aftermath of the Orlando Shootings this past week I have found myself devouring media in search of understanding and words of comfort. I have read words from news articles, pastors, and bishops. Facebook posts from friends, loved ones of the victims, and survivors. Words of grief, despair, anger, and blame. Cries of pain and cries for action.

In my searching I found Psalm 79. While reading it, I hear an echo of my own community's anger and sorrow. Our frustration as the number of mass shooting continues to grow in our country. Our struggle to understand the role we play in a society where one person's actions can ruin the lives of so many. Our longing for a different world, one that is absent of this pain we are feeling.

In this Psalm I also hear the people of Israel turn to God in their darkest hour. As we move forward, holding our lost brothers, sisters, and their loved ones in prayer, we also turn to God. As we seek to find solutions to the hate and anger that divides our community, we look to Christ. Christ's life as one that reminds us of the kingdom he has created and Christ's resurrection as the act that proves death and evil do not have the final say. We work together, holding one another in grief as the body of Christ while enabling each other to make change happen.

There are no words that adequately express the tragedy of 50 lost lives. No easy solution to the problems we face. So we join in the Psalmist's call for God's compassion in the midst our pain, forgiveness of our sins, and strength in our actions. We know of the kingdom that Christ has planned for us. Although we are not yet living in perfect love, we know that in partnership with the Holy Spirit we can achieve this peace.

This Sunday Pastor Caleb will be preaching about the Colorado tragedy and suffering as we finished our series on Revelation. Come and join with our community as we make sense of what is happening in the world in which we live.

Pastor Caitlyn

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