Friends "Good friends are like fine wine - a little fruity, a little nutty, and always better with age." - author unknown

One of God's great gifts for us is a good friend. This is the person who "has your back." It's the person you have on speed dial in case of emergencies. It's the person you automatically think of calling at 2 AM when your world is falling apart.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus makes it clear that his disciples are more than simply his followers. They are also his friends. He cares for them and loves them. This is why he reminds them, "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." (John 15:13)

Jesus reminds us that the basis of friendship is love. It's a willingness to share, serve, hear, and encourage someone else. Every day, we have an opportunity to bless our friends and deepen our relationships.

As we start a new day, let's thank God for those people in our lives who we can call our "friends." They may be family or friends. They may be a sibling or someone you met at school, work, or the gym. Whoever they are, let's lift up prayers for them. Let's thank God for them. Then, let's commit ourselves to doing all we can to be a good friend to others today.

Pastor Caleb

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