Go Cubs Go

Go Cubs Go Go, Cubs, go. Go, Cubs, go. Hey Chicago, what do you say? The Cubs are gonna win today! "Go Cubs Go"

It's been an amazing baseball postseason. For the last few weeks, most Chicagoans I know have been glued to the TV. In the midst of all the things that divide us, our city has been united in this incredible journey of the Chicago Cubs from lovable losers to World Series Champions.

As I watched the final game on Wednesday night, I found myself praying. Yes, I prayed for the Cubs. However, I also prayed for all the people whose lives are linked to the Cubs. I prayed for people who displayed Cubs banners and blankets at memorial services. I prayed for people who named their children after Cub greats. I prayed for a little girl whose parents named her after the street on which Wrigley Field is located.

Cub fans are crazy! However, they're also faithful. They refuse to give up on their team - even after a hundred years of futility. They refuse to give up during a season with 100 losses. They refuse to give up on their team when they're down 3 games to 1 in the World Series - just last Sunday. (OK - there were actually several folks who were preparing themselves to say, "There's always next season..."

As the writer of Hebrews writes, they had faith in things hoped for, a conviction for things unseen.

To the folks in Cub nation - God bless you. Let's continue to pray - not only for our baseball team, but our city. Let's continue to pray - not only for sports teams, but our lives. Let's continue to seek God - who knows us and loves us every day.

Prayer Good morning, Lord. Thank you for your love in big ways and small. Thank you for your love that never changes. As we start this new day, draw our hearts closer to you and to one another. Thank you for answered prayers - even the ones that have been prayed for 108 years. Use us to offer hope and joy to others - even as you offer hope and joy to us.

In Jesus' name we pray, Amen. Pastor Caleb

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