The Lenten Journey

We're in the beginning of the journey - the Lenten journey. The first Sunday of Lent has passed. Ash Wednesday was just last week. A week ago (Wednesday,) I was at the 153rd St. Metra Station (with several church members) offering ashes. We met a traveler, who received ashes and shared that his kids had a snow day. After a pause, he added that his children lived in another state. He was physically separated from them. He wasn't able to see them laugh or play or grow. I realized he wasn't only looking for ashes. He was looking for the reminder that God was still with him - especially in this lonely and difficult section of the journey. Listen again to the words that are shared on Ash Wednesday. "Remember that you are from dust and to dust you shall return." During Lent, we're reminded that we are all fellow travelers in the journey of life. Just as there's a beginning of life, there is an end. Sometimes, the journey is smooth and carefree - like a walk in the park. At other times, the road is rocky and takes unexpected (unwanted) turns. There are unexpected snow days that alter our plans and disrupt life as we know it. In these times, it's easy to question faith. It's easy to wonder if God is real. The good news - Jesus reminds us that we're not alone in our journey. Even when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, God is with us. God is present with us in the everyday "stuff" of life - the good and bad times, the sad and joyful moments, the sunny days and even the snow days. The key is to see the evidence of God all around us - to look for the signs of life and love. Perhaps you'll see the signs of God at home, with family and friends. Perhaps you'll see God at work or school. Perhaps you'll see God at a Metra Station. Perhaps others will see the signs of God's life, peace,

and love in you.

Pastor Caleb

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