Reflection "When the young man heard this, he went away sad,

because he had great wealth." - Matthew 19:16

"Do you own your possessions?" OR "Do your possessions own you?"

Last Sunday, we listened for the gospel within the 2016 movie, Dr. Strange. This movie tells the story of a neurosurgeon, Dr. Stephen Strange, who almost missed out on becoming a superhero because of his unwillingness to believe in a reality beyond the physical/medical world. This reluctance to "let go" of his worldview almost cost him the opportunity to embrace his life calling (not to mention the Cape of Levitation!)

It's not hard to notice the difference between Dr. Strange and the Rich Young Ruler, who rejected Jesus' invitation to discipleship because of his attachment to his wealth. In essence, he confirmed that he wasn't the owner of his "great wealth." Rather, it was his wealth that owned him.

God invites each of us to be everyday heroes. As we begin a new day, let's "let go" of those things that hinder and entangle us. Let's hear the life-giving invitation of Jesus Christ to embrace anew the mercies of God, to turn a new leaf, to start a new chapter in life. Whether we are accountants or actuaries, hairstylists or homemakers, let's embrace our call - to be Christ's hands and feet and bless all the peoples on earth (Genesis 12:3).

Pastor Caleb

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