Be Still

"Be still and know that I am God." - Psalm 46:10

"The church looks so boring now." I heard this from one of our children and could only agree. Less than a week before, every room in our church building was decorated with rafts and paddles, tents and camping gear, trees and rivers and wild animals. Now, we were back to "real" life. Now, we could take a breath before our upcoming summer events: Tee Up for Youth (8/19) and our 10 Year Anniversary Celebration (9/9). Now was the time to breathe before we kicked off another year of fun and excitement in the fall. Taking time to breathe is healthy and helpful. It offers time for quiet and reflection. It offers time for thanksgiving and praise. So, in these "in-between" moments, take time to breathe. Schedule time (daily) to reconnect with God. Establish a pattern of remembering, reflecting, and giving thanks. And in the midst of each day, be open to God's loving surprises. Quick story. On Tuesday, I was running through a grocery store - trying to finish up my wife's "honey-do" list. As I was impatiently waiting in line, I saw a little girl (sitting in the big basket of the shopping cart,) who kept smiling and waving to me. I waved back and looked away. When I looked back she was still smiling and waving to me. (I hoped I didn't have a booger on my face.) Her mother came closer and introduced herself. She shared that her daughter had spent the last week at our Vacation Bible School and couldn't wait for next year's program! Mom thanked us for offering such a fun and well-run program. She promised that her family would visit Faith later this fall. Friends, it's easy to miss God's daily surprises. It's easy to rush through life with blinders. So, take time to breathe and be still. Take time to give thanks and be with God, and in the moments of waiting, be open to experiencing God's unexpected blessings. God loves you and so do I, Pastor Caleb

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