“By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another”

(John 13:35).

During the fourth week of Advent, we focus on the theme of love. As we prepare for Christ, we are preparing for God's love to be born into the world. One way that we prepare during Advent is by sharing Christ's love with others. At the end of November, my office became the storage place for Adopt a Child gifts. It was a beautiful sight to see as they continued to pour in each week. There were so many Linda had to strategically place these gifts so I could get around my office! One way that Faith shares Christ's love with the world can be seen through the overwhelming response we have to our Christmas gift programs such as Angel Tree and Adopt a Child each year. Through these programs we see the effect that we can have as a loving community. When we come together, each person helping as they can, we do extraordinary things In a world that can feel broken, in Christ we are given the gift to heal all wounds. A gift of love that empowers us to transform the world. This Christmas season, may you be reminded of this gift. Of the power of love, and share that love with a world that is so in need of good news.

- Pastor Caitlyn

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