Give Up Grumbling

What are you giving up for Lent? Is it red meat? coffee? fast food? chocolate? This Lenten season, I've giving up on grumbling. Grumbling does me no good. It gives permission for negativity to permeate my mind and heart. It allows a spiteful spirit to infect my home, workplace, and relationships. In the end, grumbling steals joy and peace from my life and those around me. God's people have a long history of grumbling. In the book of Numbers, we read how the Hebrews grumbled on 11 different occasions. Despite the fact that God had just delivered them from the hand of Pharaoh, despite the fact that they had walked across the Red Sea, despite the fact that they were now a free people, the people of God found reasons to moan and groan. When they were hungry, they grumbled. When they were thirsty, they grumbled. They grumbled and demanded a new leader when they grew tired of Moses. They grumbled and demanded a new god (eg. golden calf idol) when they grew tired of God. As people of faith, we have a long and rich history as... grumblers. During Lent, we remind each other to do better. "I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds." - Psalm 9:1 The opposite of grumbling is gratitude. Gratitude is when we fill our minds and hearts with reasons for thanksgiving. Gratitude keeps our eyes fixed on the goodness of God. Gratitude helps us remain rooted in God's grace, which renews and sustains us every day. Friends, we have a choice. Every morning, we can choose to grumble or be grateful. We can acknowledge and celebrate God's goodness OR we can fall into our default mode of "whiny"ness. We can make be intentional about giving praise or carelessly spew complaints. There are plenty of reasons to do either. On our worst days, there are reasons for thanksgiving. On our best days, there are reasons for grumbling.. Which one will you choose today? - Pastor Caleb

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