Closed Doors, Open Windows

Today, I wanted to share an email I received earlier this week from our United Methodist Men of Faith President, Dale Carver. Dale was inviting men (and others) to use our newfound time in a healthy and constructive way. note: Dale gave permission to share his message.

"Good morning to each of you.

Many doors have closed recently, but some windows have been opened.

Finding yourself at home with more time to spend than you are used to? Without church activities to keep us involved and focused, it would be easy for us to become less focused on God, Christ, and those around us in spiritual need.

Here's an EASY way to use some of that new found time in a way that will help to keep us spiritually active: The Upper Room Prayer Center Prayer Wall. Here's what you do:

Go to:

Now you have two options:

1. Scan through the prayer pages looking for someone you think your prayers might help, OR

B. Enter a "search" word in the search box at the top of the prayer windows. Try "healing", "health", relationship", "drugs", "alcohol", etc.

Again, you have two options:

A. Pray as you would normally pray, OR

2. Click on the "Response" button at the bottom of the prayer request.

If you click on the "Response" button, a dialogue window will open. You must enter a first name for the prayer to be accepted into the system. Once you have entered a name, you may type in a prayer up to 900 characters/spaces. The system keeps count and will refuse to accept any prayer without something in the name box and/or anything longer than the 900 limit.

That's it! Make like the old phone commercials: Reach out and touch someone!

Keep you eyes open for more "windows" of opportunity! Also, this isn't just for men. Share this with our wives, families, friends and significant others who might otherwise not receive this email.

Dale Carver"

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