"Good" Friday

Yes, Adam's one sin brings condemnation for everyone,

but Christ's one act of righteousness

brings a right relationship with God and new life for everyone. - Romans 5:19

Super-Spreader. This was a term used (on last night's news) to describe how one Chicagoan spread the coronavirus around the city by hugging people at a funeral, a birthday party, and then a worship service. Through the actions of one person, many others became sick and died. This is the crux of Paul's argument in his letter to the Romans. Just as the sin of one person (Adam) introduced sin and death into the world, the righteousness of one person (Jesus) offered forgiveness and new life for us all. Today is Good Friday. This is the day Jesus embraced suffering and death for our sake. This is the day he was tried, beaten, humiliated, flogged, mocked, and ultimately crucified on a Roman cross. On one hand, there was nothing GOOD about this day. It's painful to hear the story of anyone's suffering, let alone someone we love. On the other hand, this day was GOOD because it was the day LOVE was on full display. This was day God exchanged Divine LIFE for humanity's sin. On Good Friday, the One who ate with tax collectors and drank with prostitutes - the One who touched lepers and welcomed outcasts - the One who taught us to pray to the Holy One as Abba Father - revealed the depth of God's love for you and me. It's an all-together mind-boggling thought. Since the Creator sacrificed everything for Creation, the WORST day in history became GOOD. God loves you and so do I. Join us for worship on this Good Friday (tonight @ 7:00 PM) on Facebook. Pastor Caleb

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