Thank God for Moms

This Sunday (May 10) is Mother's Day. It's a day to do what most of us should do every day anyway - celebrate moms. All of us have them. All of us need them. So, let's think of ways to thank and bless the women, who shower us daily with love. Perhaps she's your biological mom. Perhaps she's an "adopted" mom. Perhaps you call or visit her daily. Perhaps your only connection is through cherished memories. Whoever she is - wherever she may be - embrace the opportunity of this day to bless the special women in your life.

Speaking of special women, here's a poem by Erma Bombeck called "Why God Made Mothers."

When God created Mothers, It's certain that He knew We'd need the loving, thoughtful things That only Mothers do... Like making jelly sandwiches And wondrous birthday cakes, And giving tender, loving care When we have tummy aches... Or telling us to wear our boots So we'll stay warm and dry, Or helping wipe our tears away When something makes us cry... Yes, God knew all the thoughtful things That she'd be sure to do, And that's exactly why He made A Mother just like you.

To all the amazing moms and wonderful women - God bless you and Thank you! Pastor Caleb

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