Justice for our Neighbors

“love your neighbor as yourself.” - Luke 10:27

Champions for justice come in many shapes and forms. They can look like protesters, who call for justice and march in rallies across the nation. They can look like police officers, who protect people from danger and violence. They can look like parents & grandparents, who help the next generation understand the historical struggles of minority groups, especially African-Americans. They can also come wearing a red cardigan. One of my childhood mentors was Mr. Rogers. Every day, I watched him smile and laugh, play games and make-believe. I didn't realize (until many years later) that he was a follower of Jesus and champion for justice. This past week, a friend shared a picture of Mr. Rogers (Caucasian-American) sitting with Officer Clemens (African-American). They were two friends smiling and enjoying each other's company while cooling their feet in a kiddie wading pool. All of this looks innocent enough until you realize this took place in 1969. This was during a time when swimming pools across America were still segregated. Black children were not allowed to swim in pools with white children. Through this simple exchange, Mr. Rogers and Officer Clemens stood up for justice. They reaffirmed the sacred worth of all people regardless of race or skin color. They refused to honor antiquated laws and unjust ways of thinking. In this way, they joined others in the movement that changed our nation for the better. Friends, I know this is a confusing and challenging time. It's tempting to fall into a mindset of fear and hopelessness. However, as followers of Christ, I encourage us to be bold and fearless. Let's do all we can to Love God and Love our neighbors Let's be the advocates for needed change and reforms. Let's be the voices that cry out against injustice and abuse. Let's be champions for justice. We may not sound alike in what we say. We may differ in the details of what we do. However, as long as we stand on the side of justice, we'll stand on the side of love. We'll stand on the side of God. ~Pastor Caleb

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