Let's Be Part of the Solution

Last Friday, I attended a peaceful "Black Lives Matter" march in Oak Forest. One of our young adults invited me a few nights before. Now that I’m out of quarantine, I wanted to show my support. There were several hundred people gathered together. People offered passionate speeches. There were loud and repeated calls for justice for George Floyd, Brianna Taylor, Ahmad Arbury, as well as others who died unjustly.

I didn’t go to the rally alone. I brought my older daughter because we've been talking about issues of justice and racial inequality in America. I also made sure I wore my Faith United Methodist shirt – so people knew that our church was present (and walking) with them in the midst of their calls for peace and justice.

I was very impressed with the Oak Forest police. They were professional and courteous. They blocked off streets as we marched. They followed marchers to and from City Hall. My wife, who attended the Black Lives Matter protest in Channahon shared a similar experience. She saw police officers check on protestors and even offer water when they looked dehydrated. At one point, the Channahon police blocked the street so everyone could be part of a group picture on Route 6.

I pray that there are many more moments of compassion and cooperation across our nation.

With this in mind, I'd like to open up a ZOOM conversation. When: next Thursday, Jun 25 @ 7 PM, This will be an opportunity for open conversation about the issues of Race & Justice gripping our nation (and world). In addition to conversation, we'll have time to pray and consider how God is call us to serve as Christ's hands and feet during this time. We'll share the ZOOM link on Facebook and our website next week. Friends, I don't assume to have answers. I simply invite us to engage in faithful and prayerful dialogue . May God guide us and use us to be part of the solution and not the problem.

~ Pastor Caleb

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