Seven funerals in three weeks. With two pastors in the family, my wife and I have had more funeral services in the last three weeks than the last three months. Several have been church members and relatives of church members. A few were services for people who lost their connection with the church. A couple have been especially difficult and draining. Earlier this week, I officiated a funeral service for a successful businessman. His success was clearly displayed in his top-of-the-line casket and exclusive grave real estate. His family received calls from the mayor and a city council member while I was on the phone with them. His funeral procession even featured a parade of tow trucks honoring their founder, boss, and mentor. That was pretty cool. However, I reminded the family that what made their loved one "successful" was much more than his business acumen and financial fortune. His "success" was much more than the collection of buildings and physical assets. Ultimately, his "success" was seen in the way he LOVED - the way he treated his family, friends, and customers. Fortunately, this gentleman was known for being HARD WORKING, HONEST, PATIENT, and RESPECTFUL. Friends, I encourage you to consider your legacy. When all is said and done, what will you leave behind? When you finish your course in this life, what will you be remembered for? I remind you that the most important parts of your legacy are relational, not financial. It has more to do with family & friends and less to do with buildings & acquisitions. It has more to do with the quality of your personal interactions and less to do with the quantity of business transactions. In the end, all of us will leave this life just as we entered it. There are no loopholes. There are no exceptions. So, may it be said of you (and of me) that we lived this life well - with kindness, with respect, with love. ~ Pastor Caleb

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