A Christmas Poem

This week's devotion is a Christmas Poem written by Nancy Duraka.

Merry Christmas, friends. - Pastor Caleb T'was Just Before Christmas by Nancy Duracka T'was just before Christmas when all 'round the town Creatures are scurrying all with a frown The presents not bought, or under the tree High hopes for a sale or better yet free The people are worried, so much to do When children just wanted mom to get through Then pop without zip and mom without zap Just laid down for a few minutes nap When all of a sudden, it became very clear There's more to the Yule then wearing a sneer Away with the hustle and bustle at last Say hi to your neighbors, all grudges are past There shines a light beamed down from above In holy harmony great joy and love Where the world is at peace without any fear But instead comes hope for all to hold dear With a lot of forgiveness and tolerance too Come on join hands, there's so much to do More people together can do this great deed United forever, we're all in great need Now mothers and fathers, now brothers and sisters On grandmas and grandpas, on misses and misters To the best of our being, to the best big and small Now love today, love today, love today.....ALL.

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