Honor the Lessons of History

"let the wise listen and add to their learning"

- Proverbs 1:5 In 2018, my family took a trip to the East Coast. In New York City, we took the girls to see the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. It was our first visit to these sites. Needless to say, it was a somber and sobering visit. Afterwards, we talked about WHAT happened on 9/11 and WHY people from halfway around the world would hijack planes and fly them into skyscrapers. We spoke about HOW America changed after this day and LESSONS LEARNED - not only about avoiding similar tragedies in the future, but the interconnection of our global community. We talked about our global responsibility and the need to be agents of compassion and hope. We talked about personal responsibility and the importance of being conscientious and active citizens. We also talked about grief - the grief of nearly 3,000 families who lost loved ones, as well as the collective grief of our nation. ~ Pastor Caleb * note: Speaking of history, check out the WGN story on Mike Brown's 10 Day American History Road Trip!

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