Lent - Purpose

“For God saved us and called us to live a holy life - not because we deserved it, but because of his purpose and grace." 2 Timothy 1:9

What kind of work is God is calling you (and I) to do? Is it to write books? raise kids? race cars? fix heavy machinery? Frederick Buechner writes it is work "(a) that you need to do and (b) that the world needs to have done. If you really get a kick out of your work, you've presumably met requirement (a), but if your work is writing cigarette ads, the chances are you've missed requirement (b). On the other hand, if your work is being a doctor in a leper colony, you have probably met requirement (b), but if you're bored or depressed by it, chances are you have not only bypassed (a) but probably aren't helping your patients much either. The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." Where does your "deep gladness" and the world's "deep hunger" meet? If you want to know God's purpose for your life - start by looking at how you're designed (i.e. your gifts & talents). If you are 5'5" and have a vertical leap of an aging injured tortoise, you're probably not called to life as a professional basketball player. On the other hand, if you line up your toys (and younger siblings) for "class" during school breaks, it's likely that you're called to teach. If your family wants you to be a doctor, but you faint at the sight of blood, you're probably not called to be a surgeon. On the other hand, if your wish lists are filled with power tools and your week centers around your visit to the hardware store, you're probably called to work with building construction or maintenance. The good news - God created all of us with purpose. God gave all of us unique sets of gifts, talents, & interests. We're all called to "do good" - in some way, shape, or form. So - what is the "good" God calling you to do for others at this stage in your life? How is God calling you to make a difference? How is God calling you to serve as Jesus' hands & feet today? Friends, we have 2 weeks left in our Lenten journey. Let's embrace God's purpose for our lives.

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