Love Your Neighbor

"Loving each other is what we were meant to do and how we were made to roll. It's not where we start when we begin following Jesus; it's the beautiful path we travel the rest of our lives." - Bob Goff "Everybody Always" This past week, an American hero passed away. She was the daughter of a Brooklyn seamstress. She was a champion for gender equality and women's rights. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (a.k.a. the Notorious R.B.G.,) who was only the second woman to serve as a U.S. Supreme Court justice, finished her course in this life on Sept 18. After watching a documentary about her life on an airplane, I insisted that my daughters learn about her remarkable life. I wanted them to learn about this petite, hard-working woman, who overcame all odds to change the world for the better. I wanted them to be inspired by this small (but mighty) woman's commitment to justice for all. Justice Ginsberg devoted her life to mastering the law and ensuring that women would not be treated as second-class citizens. Of course, she didn't just fight for women's rights. In one of the five cases she won before the Supreme Court, she argued that a portion of the Social Security Act unfairly favored women over men because it granted certain benefits to widows but not widowers. This week, I learned that Justice Ginsberg stayed in touch with the family of the widower/plaintiff in this Supreme Court case. Decades after the ruling, Justice Ginsberg officiated the wedding of the widower's daughter. In so many ways, at so many levels, she lived a life of love. Jesus' command to love our neighbor is not complicated - it doesn't require us to sign up for a Mission Trip - it doesn't require us to take off work and travel to another part of the world. All it requires is a willingness to help a neighbor, encourage a friend, or call a family member. All we need to do is open our eyes (and hearts) to see the needs of our neighbors. Yes, love is messy sometimes. Yes, love is awkward sometimes, However, this is way of Jesus Christ. Loving our neighbor (ready or not, regardless of the other's color/creed/citizenship) is our sacred calling. So, I hope you're looking for ways to practice love this week. Perhaps it's calling an older neighbor. Perhaps it's delivering groceries for a sick friend. Perhaps it's packing a Christmas shoebox for a child. Whatever you do - do it simply and quietly. Don't love because you have to. Don't love for the sake of showing off. Let's love simply because we want to - because we're called to - because in doing so, we reflect Christ's love in us. ~ Pastor Caleb

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