“Earn all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can." – John Wesley As a young pastor, one of the first pieces of advice I received from a respected lay person was to avoid preaching on money and politics. "It'll divide the church," he said. "No one will come back the next week," he warned. This weekend, we're starting a new sermon series on money. Why because we talked about politics last fall and most of you came back to church (I think). Why - because if the church is silent about our relationship with money, we are doing a disservice to the Bible (which has a lot to say about money) and Christians (who struggle with finances and are hungry for sound biblical financial teaching.) My guess is that many of us have had sleepless nights thinking about (worrying about) money. We think about paying bills or managing debt. We think about saving for the new roof or replacement tires or retirement. For others of us, we dream about guessing the right #s and winning the Powerball jackpot. Was this on anyone else's mind last week? My hope for Sunday services (these next 3 weeks) is to offer a grace-filled and faith-based way to approach finances. We'll consider what the Bible says about money. We'll counter several myths of today's American consumer culture. We'll offer practical tips and tools to become better trustees of the financial resources God entrusted to us. In doing so, we'll not only grow in our ability to manage our finances, but we will experience grace and freedom in this very important area of life. Perhaps this is a sermon series you don't need to hear. Perhaps your financial house is in good order. However, my guess is that most of us know family or friends, who struggle in this area. So, I hope you'll tune in for this Sunday's worship service, and if you have family or friends, who would benefit from this teaching, invite them to join us as well (Sunday @ 9 AM). - Pastor Caleb

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Apr. 2021 Newsletter

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