Seize the Moment

"God made everything beautiful in its time." - Ecclesiastes 3:11 Over the course of the pandemic, I've developed new hobbies. One of them is cooking. These days, I spend a lot of time grilling and frying food. I enjoy getting in touch with my inner caveman. My family enjoys the fact that my inner caveman is a pretty good cook. Yesterday, I tried something new - baking. It wasn't baking from scratch. I am taking baby steps. So, I put frozen cookie dough into a super hot oven. It was exciting seeing how much of the cookie dough made it past my mouth to the baking sheet. Even more exciting was waiting for the timer to count down. As the cookies baked, the parsonage was filled with a heavenly aroma. As I waited excitedly in the kitchen, other family members wandered in from all corners of the house. They knew something good was coming. As we took bites of still hot, ooey-gooey freshly baked cookies, we experienced God in a new way. It was an out-of-body experience. Eating cookies right out of the oven (with a tall glass of milk) was like getting a warm, sweet, delicious hug from God!

Where do you sense God?

Every day is filled with challenges. Living through a global health pandemic has heightened levels of fear and anxiety. However, the Bible reminds us to treasure our days. God made everything beautiful in its time. Each day is a gift. Every morning presents a glorious sunrise. Every evening offers a majestic sunset. Yes, there are occasions for sadness. There are times to grieve. However, there are also moments to celebrate.

So, don't let the precious moments pass you by. Seize the opportunities to laugh and sing, to forgive and be free. Seize the chance to praise and give thanks - perhaps for the love of family and friends - perhaps for the singing of birds in autumn colored trees - perhaps for the gifts of freshly baked goods that you can enjoy right out of the oven. ~ Pastor Caleb

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