The P_____ Challenge

What word has 6 letter? It's an act of invocation seeking connection with the divine? AND it rhymes with "rayer"? Last Sunday, I challenged our congregation to PRAY 3 times each day, for 3 topics, for 3 weeks. This is a response to our current sermon series on Prayer (Nov 8 - Nov 28). In case you missed Sunday's message, this Prayer Challenge is to pray 3 times each day (any 3 times during the day). These don't have to be long and fancy prayers. This could be the Lord's Prayer OR Mister Roger's Prayer ("Thank You, God.) This could include a scripture reading OR walking along a trail. Perhaps your prayer will be short or long, spoken or silent, with your eyes open or closed. You choose "how" you will pray. The 3 topics are Country, Church, and Self. Prayers for Country are prayers for whatever is happening in our country, community, and wider world. This includes prayers for civic leaders, health care workers, and even the weather. Prayers for Church are prayers for the people in our congregation - those who are sick, those who are hurting, those who are moving, those who are grieving. This could also be prayers for our denomination and Church. Prayers for Self are the prayers on your heart - for yourself, children, job, and health. These are the prayers that come most naturally as we lift up petitions on behalf of family and loved ones. As you pray today (and in the coming weeks,) my prayer is that you will develop a disciplined prayer life. In doing so, you will deepen your faith. You'll grow in your intimacy with God. You'll start to notice the "leadings" of the Holy Spirit throughout your day - reminding you that you are loved, inviting you to be strong and courageous, comforting you in times of grief, challenging you to love your neighbor (even those you struggle to like) as yourself. Most importantly, prayer will offer you the gift of God's peace in these turbulent and challenging times. I hope you'll accept the Prayer Challenge and invite others to do the same. Pray 3 times, 3 topics, 3 weeks. ~ Pastor Caleb

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