Waiting to Exhale

For several days, our nation has waited - for the grey smoke to turn white - for news anchors to declare presidential election results. As a nation, we are collectively holding our breath - watching and waiting for this election to be settled. If you're like me, you're tired of waiting. After 3 days of election coverage, you're anxious and crabby. You're tired of hearing the same message to be patient - to allow the democratic process to unfold. That being said, there's some good that comes out of waiting. Waiting has its benefits. Patience is a virtue. I've never heard anyone (ever) say that they enjoyed waiting. Thrill seekers at Six Flags don't declare that they love waiting. Families don't go to Disneyland for the long lines. No one gets pumped up just before rush hour traffic. And yet, waiting has its benefits. Waiting forces us to slow down and breathe. It invites us to engage in conversation. It offers space for reflection and introspection - as individuals, as a nation. It can even serve as the impetus for prayer - to notice the movement of the Divine - whispering and inviting us to experience peace. This past Wednesday, I went to visit a friend at his church. I didn't realize how anxious I was, but he must have noticed it because soon after I arrived, he invited me to go on a walk with him. Together we visited the prayer garden in the back of his church. As we walked and talked, my anxiety dissipated. My crabbiness was replaced by peace. I sensed my heart rate and breathing slowing down, and finally it happened - I could exhale. Friends, let's pray for our nation and world. Regardless of who wins this presidential race, there's much for all of us to do - but don't forget to breathe. ~ Pastor Caleb

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