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Piano Man Elton & Billy

Piano Man Elton & Billy

Wed. Sept. 22, 2021, Jacob Henry Mansion

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"The Piano Man"
Rescheduled: Wed. September 22, 2021
One spot is still available!

Piano Man (Elton John & Billy Joel impersonator)
at the Jacob Henry Mansion in Joliet.
Cost: $52.00 (includes lunch, concert and tour of the mansion and church). 


Contact: Nancy Clemenson at 309-337-9174

This event is "on hold" until further notice!

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2020 "Gone with the Wind"

The Making of a Hollywood Classic

Lunch Matinee: 10:30 am - 2:30 pm

75 years after its blockbuster premiere in 1939, Gone with the Wind continues to inspire passionate devotion. This illustrated talk with historian Leslie Goddard, Ph.D., reviews the story of how Gone with the Wind was made, the two year search for Scarlett, the pioneering special effects and perfectionist drive of visionary producer
David O. Selznick. 

The cost for the meal is $48.  If you are interested, you need to get your name on the sign up sheet outside room 4.






Marcus Theater has $5 movies and free popcorn for Rewards Members

Emagine Theater in Frankfort has a similar program

           Park Forrest Freedom Hall

on Lakewood Blvd.  

$30. Madeline Magnus,

(708) 687-6789.

CANCELED: Hold tickets for next event scheduled.

singles ministry recruiting announcement


Faith United Methodists Singles Ministry is the “fellowship” of our Mission Statement!


According to a recent sermon, Pastor Caleb shared that we need to be kind to each other and connect with one another as children of God. So why not break out of your routine and join a group of adults of all ages that are looking for an adventure with like-minded Christians.


Want to go to a play and share a meal together? Care to visit a local historic site and share lunch? How about a craft day with pot luck or a mission project with coffee and dessert? Get the idea? We enjoy each other’s company, but we like to eat too!


We generally have a planning meeting once a year where people volunteer to organize an event for each calendar month. We are looking for suggestions for events in 2020, trying to have a mix of free and $$ events. Please contact Nancy Clemenson (309-337-9174) with any ideas you may have, or if you would like to join our group.


If you want to be added to our contact list, please contact Sandy Ward at the church office, 708-444-8560. She is our communications expert!


If you have suggestions for an event or have any questions, please give me a call at 309-337-9174 . Yes, it is a Galesburg number but I live in Orland Hills and am the new facilitator of this group.

Nancy Clemenson