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Acts of Love: We're creating this new page on our website "Testimonies of Love" to share acts of love that you experienced during this pandemic. Perhaps you've had a neighbor check in on you everyday.  Perhaps you shared a meal with staff at a local hospital.  Perhaps your local school district has shared masks & gloves with a local firehouse. 


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On Memorial Day weekend we found a surprise package on our front porch. 

The gift bag had the following message on the front: 


          To:  Our special choir member at Faith

          Be safe and protect your voice, for one day soon we will sing together

          and Rejoice!

          Love, Zoe Steenvoorden


Inside the bag were two handmade face masks—one for each of us!!!  Zoe went above and beyond to create these special face masks for every choir member and spouse....that’s God’s love shining through in this thoughtful young lady!  Bless you, Zoe!!


Cliff and Sue 


Our small group for this Spring only got to meet twice before everything shut down. Through the remaining weeks Janice McBride taught us and carried us through with thoughtful insights and guidance. The book study ended, but not Janice. We still receive daily words of wisdom and precepts with wishes for a great day. A joke or funny picture will appear to give us a lift. Websites of sermons, music abound. Janice is truly a gift God has given us not only during this difficult time but for forever. I am so glad you are part of my family.

Peggy Gillespie

I would like to thank my church family for making calls and sending email messages to my dad Maurie. You have really brightened his stay-at-home days more than you know. Also I’m so grateful for Beth Bryce for running errands while Mike and I were convalescing, calling to check on us and for bringing my dad soup and cookies. It’s good to see so many people reaching out to others. God is working through each and everyone of you and I’m very proud to be a part of this church family. God loves you and so do I ❣️

Jan Kubillus

To all those who have been sewing masks for organizations, group homes, nurses and first responders we thank you. Jan Kubillus recently made 85 masks for the residents and staff at the Oak Forest Horizon Senior Home. Thank-you, Jan.


Thank you,

Elizabeth Bryce

To the workers at the Oak Lawn -Hometown Middle School( which includes my sister-in- law Gina) Who put together approximately 1500 breakfast and lunch packs every day Monday thru Friday to feed those in need. God bless these workers. We are grateful for your service.


Beth Bryce

My sister in law Mary, a retired nurse, asked us to say our God Blesses instead of singing the abc’s when washing our hands. So every time I wash my hands I say God Bless John and Ryan two of my boys working to try and meet the demand of manufacturing needed hand sanitizer,  God bless my daughter Kristi who lost her job when Easter Seals closed and is still fighting to get what her tiny medically fragile little ones need, God Bless my nephew Pat, a nurse in Chicago who has been relegated to Covid 19 only patients, God Bless Tom Clifton fire fighter, Tim Mayo a guard at Cook County jail, Jana Kubicki a nurse, Dr. Shirazi, Dr. Tsai, nurses Jenny, Kris, Jazz, Mary, Jamie, Karen, Jill, Linda, Rita, Yasmine. There are so many others. May God bless all our fighters who unselfishly do their jobs for us.

Peggy Gillespie

Last week I asked my daughter-in-law, a hospital nurse, what we could do to support her and her colleagues on her floor. With the approval and support of her boss, Jana and I ordered pizzas to be delivered. We ordered and paid for the pizzas over the phone (including the tip), and the vendor followed the delivery directions that were given. Based on the feedback, staff were surprised and grateful for being remembered. 

Please continue prayers for patients and all medical staff.

Sarah Kubicki

My husband is a firefighter/paramedic at a local fire department. As is the case with nearly all first responder agencies and hospitals, his department is running dangerously low on PPE (personal protective equipment). His department is doing all that they can to secure PPE in an effort to not only protect their first responders but to protect the citizens they serve. They have reached out to local businesses and schools for help. A local school donated 50 pairs of safety glasses usually used for science classes. Donations of face masks have come in from various businesses as well as private citizens. My sister just left a box of face masks on our front porch. These are simple acts of kindness bringing the world together. God is good!

Kim Clifton

Joe and I recently returned from a month-long vacation in Florida. We left in mid-February and came home to a “stay at home” order from Governor Pritzker. So much has changed in such a short time. The Church services, small group study, and my beloved Church book club were all cancelled due to the Covid 19 pandemic. All things we were looking forward to and miss right now. I couldn’t wait to discuss the books I read on vacation with the other ladies in my book club.


I was worrying about my son, Jamie, who is working in Baton Rouge as a paramedic on an ambulance. I know he is on the front lines of this fight so I told him to treat this virus the same as if it was the enemy he fought in Iraq. He said “I’ve got guns out ready”. I told him I would be praying for him and his coworkers. Then I thought once again about the ladies in my book club and wondered if they also had family members who were on the front lines. I suggested we put together a prayer list and asked for the names of their loved ones. They responded quickly and now each of us is praying for these warriors. I know God hears these prayers and will protect our loved ones.


Janet Statkus

Blessings to All:

My Act of Love involves our delivery people. Hand out any extra hand sanitizer or protective gloves you may have. You can either leave it on the porch (if you are expecting a delivery) or put it in the mailbox maybe even attach a note. Peggy Gillesie shared that she put a small hand sanitizer in her mailbox with a note saying, “thinking of you”. So, think about it you are craft people or woodworkers who may have a box of gloves consider giving them to these people. I know Phil Bitzer did. I gave gloves and hand sanitizer to my mail person. The other day I had a prime delivery and left sanitizer. I received a social distancing thank you from both! Every little bit helps. Please stay safe out there!


Debbie Gruetzmacher