Worship Services


Saturday @ 4 PM (our newest offering) is a Contemporary worship experience for people on the go.  This is a quick (45 minutes) and interactive worship experience designed to engage young and old alike.  Holy communion is offered weekly.

Sunday @ 9 AM is a Traditional worship service designed for people who love the traditional worship format with choir, organ, and hymns.  Communion is offered on the first Sunday of each month.  Sunday School is offered (during the school year) for children and youth. 

Sunday @ 11 AM is our Contemporary worship experience designed for people who love to sing the songs you hear on K-LOVE/Shine.FM.  Each service features our Faith Rising band.  Holy Communion is offered weekly.  Sunday School is offered (during the school year) for children and youth.

New Sermon Series
From ME to WE

In week 1, we'll highlight the importance of relationships and how God created us for relationships. In week 2, we'll learn about Love Languages and consider how this relational tool can help strengthen our marriages. In week 3, we'll focus on the ever-important topic of reconciliation and how to reconcile broken relationships.

February 8 & 9      "From Me to We: God's Gift of Community"

February 15 & 16   "From Me to We: Marriage"

February 22 & 23  "From Me to We: Reconciliation"


Can you believe it?  Many of us just took down our Christmas decorations.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which falls on the final Wednesday in February (February 26). 


If you’d like to help the pastors offer ashes
in the local Metra stations OR
with the Lenten worship services, please contact
Pastor Caitlyn (pastorcaitlyn@faithumcop.org). 


Ashes are offered at local Metra stations
from 6:00–7:30 AM. 
Ash Wednesday services will be offered
at 10:00 AM & 7:00 PM.

Listen Love Repeat
Feb. 29 / Mar 1 - Apr 4/5

Feb 29/Mar 1, Session 1: Finding Your Big Way

Mar 7/8, Session 2: Let Love Complete the Circle

Mar 14/15, Session 3: When You Live a Life of Welcome

Mar 21/22, Session 4: How to Hug a Porcupine and Squeeze a Skunk

Apr 4/5, Session 6: The Boomerang of Blessing

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